Mortgage Basics

  • A first step in qualifying for mortgage is to learn just how much you can (and should) afford. Click below for mortgage and other financial calculators from Land Home Financial that can help in your decision making process.

  • Mortgage & Lending Glossary
    • Run across a loan term you haven’t seen before? Are you “almost sure” what that term your mortgage banker used means … but not entirely? This mortgage glossary will help you to speak to mortgage professionals with confidence. Click here for a glossary of terms from Guarantee Mortgage.
  • What documents will I need when I meet with my mortgage professional?
    • Preparation is the key! Your mortgage professional’s goal is to facilitate a smooth transaction for you. Having correct and complete information is a key to a stress-free home finance experience. Click here for a list of documents  from Land Home Financial that will help you prepare so they can serve you more efficiently.